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dear teacher and classmates:
i am very glad to say something here. at this time, i'd like to talk about my hobbies.
i have many hobbies. first, i like playing video games. computer games are cool. i like cs best. i could play it all day. secound, i like all kinds of sports. i like being outdoors. i love fresh air and sunshine. playing football with friends is fun. swimming in the sea is my favorite. in addition, i like to draw pictures at home. i often read comics on the bed in the evening. it's my secret. hey, buddy. please don't tell my parents. furthermore, i like music. i like singing. i ofen sing film songs while i walk in the street. of course, i learn english everyday. as you know, english is used everywhere in the world. so i learn english very hard. i hope i can travel around the world and speak english with foreigners someday. then i can talk about the beijing 2010 olympic games with them. it's my colorful dream in the english world.
there is more i like to do. there is more i want to say. maybe i can tell you more next time. thank you for listening.


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